Content Studio 2015 v5.3.6



    Content Studio v 5.3.6

    Note: Previous version 5.3.5 build was corrupt. New version has same release notes.


    • Revit 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
    • 32 & 64bit Compatible
    • Requires Microsoft .Net Framework v4.5.1 for compatibility with Revit 2015

    New Features

      • Ability to add AutoCAD content into libraries with .dwg file extension. Does not include an AutoCAD Search pallet. User must drag and drop from main CS app thumbnail.

      • Edit in Revit/Open in Revit changed to Edit/Open File to accommodate opening dwg's in AutoCAD

      • Automatic thumbnail creation tool added to Content Studio tab within Revit

    Bug Fixes and Updates

    • Recent modifications include the following updates (Revit 2014/2015)
      • On first run by users, Content Studio now downloads the full list of company libraries without having to close and reopen the app
      • Reload families from type catalogues now only reloads types found in project

      • Reload families contains an error log for any failed files which the API cannot respond to. 
      • Rejected Library item email now contains source library name

    Installation & System Requirements