Content Studio 2016 v5.5.5



    Content Studio v 5.5.5


    • Revit 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
    • 64bit Compatible
    • 32bit Compatibility removed
    • Requires Microsoft .Net Framework v4.5.1 for compatibility with Revit 2015 onwards

    New Features

      • Type Catalogue Filters now added within the Type Catalogue box in Revit and in the Main CS app

      • Site-wide accounts: Switching PCs no longer needs a license key update

      • Active Directory integrated within the licence manager. Learn more here >>

      • Revit 2016 Integration

    Bug Fixes and Updates

    • Recent modifications include the following updates (Revit 2014/2015)
      • Previous superseded release (v5.5.1) contained a bug in the search pallet for Revit 2014 search queries, now fixed
      • Previous superseded release (v5.5.1) allowed the client to specify the default install directory which is not commonly configured by clients and was causing installations of dlls to default to drives other than the C: drive. This caused the software not to run after installation, now fixed.
      • Search pallet crashes on multiple family types load from a type catalogue - fixed

      • Commas within text field parameters inside type catalogues now accepted i.e. "this is, the description"

      • When using 'Save Families' from a project, selecting families in a category lost its selection if the category was collapsed. Fixed

      • Display Unapproved listings in Search Pallet when

      • Add Files and Folders - Date Modified fixed to read correctly

      • Reload Families via the project browser now points to the 'in-use' folder 

      • Editing type catalogues now 

    Installation & System Requirements