How do I add a selection of files from a single folder?


    To add files from within a folder

    1. Run Content Studio

    2. From the Ribbon, click the Add Files icon.

    3. In the Dialogue box, browse to a folder and select one or more files by holding down CTRL+Left Click or SHIFT+Left Click

    4. Click OK to add the files to the Work In Progress section of the Library.

    Note: Adding files using this method will not extract the type parameters from the file (this must be done inside Revit). The next steps describe how to update the Work In Progress files from inside Revit.

    5. Run Revit and in order to run any plugin you must first open a blank project or family (plugins cannot operate when no document is in use).

    6. On the ribbon, navigate to the Add-ins tab and locate the Content Studio Plugin panel.

    7. Click the Extract Family Info tool to begin extracting the type parameters, and Category from the Revit families in your Work In Progress Area

    8. When complete, close the dialogue boxes and switch back to Content Studio (or open it again if you closed the application).

    9. In Content Studio, click Refresh from the ribbon to see the Work In Progress files update.