How do I run Content Studio for the first time?


    First Run (Launching the Software)

    Warning! If you are setting up a new library you will become assigned as an Administrator and will need to specify where this library is stored on your network (Multi-user edition only). Choose carefully as the stored location cannot be altered after installation as it is shared with your peers.

    IMPORTANT! Make sure the chosen storage location is on a server accessible by ALL intended users (Multi-user edition only).

    1. Double click the Content Studio (the C|S Icon) on your desktop or from the start menu to launch the application.


    3. If you are setting up a NEW Company library for your company, click Setup New Library (Multi-user edition only). 


    4. If your company already has a library established and you intend to connect to it (this requires an invite from the Administrator who set it up), click Join an Existing Library (Multi-user edition only).

    Skip this next step If you are joining an existing library

    5. If you are creating a new library, you will be asked to specify the location of your company Library.

    NOTE: You MUST choose a shared location on your company network if you wish to share the library with your peers . The location requires full read write access permissions for all staff (Multi-user edition only).

    Content Studio will AUTOMATICALLY create a folder called CS in which it stores all shared library data (Single-user version automatically stores date in My Documents).


    Registering your licence

    1. In the Register/Create New Library dialogue box, fill out your name, email and company name (Multi-user version only). Try not to use special characters such as \+/-!&$%£”^()*


    2. Before you click register, make sure you are connected to the internet. To check you are connected, open your internet browser and browse to a known web page.

    2.1 Click Register to submit your profile information online and register a licence.

    • If successful you will see a success! Notification and Content Studio's registration will then close. You must Run Content Studio again to access it.
    • If unsuccessful, you should retry several times (to make sure the internet connection is not the problem). If you are still experiencing problems, contact your administrator or contact us by raising a support ticket from the menu above.

    Note: If you are joining an existing library containing a large volume of components, Content|Studio will need to cache the Thumbnail images.  Depending on the network speed, this could take upwards of five minutes to download them all.  This is a one off process the first time Content Studio runs.  Until this happens, you may see black thumbnail images or text saying  'Missing Thumbnail'