Upgrading Content Studio licence (earlier versions up to 3.2.7)


    If you are upgrading to version 3.0.1 or later you will need to request your licence key to update your profile.  To do this, follow the steps outlined below:



    1. Install Content Studio version 3.0.1 or later (typically installed by IT for Multi-user editions).

    2. Run Content Studio

    3. If your library requires upgrading (typically done by IT for Multi-user versions), you will need to run the upgrader.  See seperate article here.

    4. You may see a message suggesting your licence is registered to a different PC.  Click Update Licence

    5. At the prompt, click the 'Request Key' button. An email will be sent to your registered address with your new licence key.

    6. Copy and paste the licence key into the dialogue box and click 'Update registration to this machine'

    7. If successful, you will see a success prompt. Click OK to complete the process.

    8. You may need to run Content Studio again from the desktop icon or Start > Program Files > Content Studio Ltd



    If you experience problems upgrading your licence, please contact your Administrator.  If the situation is not resolved, please raise a support ticket with us.


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      we tried to update Licence, got email of new licence key but they are all zero number.

      Please help urgently .