Upgrading your central library (version 3.2.7 or later)


    If you have an older version of Content Studio installed on your PC, you will need to upgrade your  central 'shared' library to use with version 3.2.7 or later. The following steps should typically be carried out by your company administrator for the multi-user (networked) edition of Content Studio.



    1. Install Content Studio for Revit version 3.2.7 or later.

    2. During installation, the installer will try and locate your shared library on your network path. If it finds it, it will auto upgrade.  Note: Any older versions of Content Studio pointing to this upgraded library will no longer work. You must upgrade all machines connected to the shared library.

    3. If the installer cannot locate your central shared library, a message will appear.  Click Ok and then in the upgrader box, click browse and locate the revitCLib.xml file in your shared library location. 

    4. Click OK to begin the upgrade.

    5. After upgrading, run Content Studio again.  If you need to update your licence, follow the steps in this article here

    Alternatively, the upgrader exe file can be found on your PC here:  C:\CS Templates\CSLibraryUpgrader.exe