Upgrading to version 4.4.7 and above

    We simplified the way content studio registers a licence with the local machine to resolve a number of previously logged licensing issues. When you upgrade to 4.4.7 from an earlier version it will generate a new licence kay for the PC. This will be a one time only occurrence with your users. To advise your users of this upgrade, login to your licence manager (you must be a super admin to do this), select all the users, right click and choose compose message. Paste the email recipient list into an email and advise the staff of the following: Content Studio has now been upgraded and includes integration with Revit 2014. To continue using it you will be required to input your licence key the first time you run it. Click the 'email my licence key' button to receive your key in your inbox. Copy and paste this key into the dialogue box, then click 'update' to continue using Content Studio.