What's the best way to deploy Content Studio company-wide


    Here's our suggested method for deploying Content Studio firm-wide

    1. Setup your libraries: As an admin you may wish to populate one or more libraries before deploying Content Studio across the company.
    2. Make sure the library locations are on a shared network space, where all users have full read, write, modify permissions.
    3. Deploy the Content Studio installer (.msi file) and install on all required machines.
    4. Invite your users
      1. Per user invite: Open Content Studio (or the Licence Manager) and choose 'Invite User...' from the menu bar.
      2. Batch Invite: Send us an excel sheet with the first name, last name, email address and role i.e Administrator or Contributor.  Tell us the date you would like them all inviting and we will implement on that day: Note they will all receive an email when the invite is processed by our web service. You may wish to prep the users first with your own email before they get the Content Studio invite (if your network is slow or you have a large volume of content, you may wish to prep them about the initial thumbnail download cache taking 5 minutes or so). This is personal preference.
    5. The users will run Content Studio for the first time on their local PC's and input their details as shown in their invite email in order to activate their account. If a user has not been invited they cannot join the library for security reasons.
    6. Content Studio will communicate with our web service and retrieve all shared library paths for 'Moderated' and 'Reference' type libraries. Note that 'Project' library types are shared with individuals by right clicking the library in the tree view and choosing 'Share library'.
    7. Content Studio will open and the company-wide shared libraries will be visible in the tree view on the left (if this does not update it could be a network failure. Simply closing and reopening Content Studio usually fixes this).

    That's it! Everyone should now have access to, and be able to use Content Studio within the company.