Upgrading Revit File Versions


    Once a year Revit content increments by one version in line with Autodesk's annual release of Revit.  Families stored in your libraries in Content Studio can be upgraded using the following procedure:


    1. Select all content in your library by right clicking and choosing 'Select All'
    2. From the ribbon, choose 'Download Selected'
    3. Choose a temporary folder location on your C: Drive to store all the files and click OK.
    4. Content Studio will download the files into respective folders and sub-folders in the chosen location.
    5. Run the standard Autodesk file upgrader which is supplied under the Autodesk Utilities
    6. When complete, run Content Studio and click Add Folder on the ribbon
    7. Select the folder containing all the upgraded files on your C drive and add them to your WIP library.
    8. Open Revit and choose 'Extract Family Info' from the Content Studio addins tab.
    9. Refresh the content inside Content Studio
    10. Right Click and choose 'Select All'.
    11. Right Click again and choose 'Scan for other versions'
    12. Choose the library where the content was originally downloaded from and click OK.
    13. Content Studio will identify all the files which match on 'File Name' and 'Category' but obviously have a different version i.e. 2013, 2014 etc.. Any keywords description etc will be applied to the upgraded files.
    14. Finally, submit the upgraded content with all its associated keywords into the same library or alternatively a separate library (depending how you organise your content).