How do I move a shared library on my network?


    If you have your Content Studio app up and running and have multiple users accessing this data, you should carefully plan out any changes in the location of the data stored on the network so as not to cause issues for existing users.

    There are two separate library types which need different workflows.

    1. Main Library
    2. Secondary Libraries

    Moving the Main Library


    The Main Library is linked to the operation of Content Studio. If this location is moved and a user opens the app, it will display a message that it can no longer find the main library in its old location.  


    Users will need to browse and find the new location manually. This is not advisable as you should try to limit the awareness of the storage location to general users of the application to avoid attracting unnecessary attention to the back end setup. (Especially if you are using hidden shares to hide the path from public view in windows explorer). 



    To minimise the disruption to users, we recommend using an alternative method noted below which will mean they do not need to know the new location of the Main Library in order to re-path Content Studio and continue using the app.


    1. Notify all users (via the licence manager app) that the data is being moved on X date at X time. Users should not contribute or open the app during this period or they may experience errors or loose any uploads.
    2. Copy the contents of the shared main library from its current location to the proposed location by copying the CS folder and everything within.  We recommend storing this in a folder similar to what is shown here \\<my-network>\<my-path>\ContentStudio\Main Library\CS
    3. Run Content Studio and it will open (still connecting to the old path which will work as the data still resides there as a copy).  
    4. From the menu in Content Studio, go to Options > Configure Application (your role within Content Studio must be set as an Administrator to do this).
    5. Change the existing Main Library path to your new data store path (where you have copied the CS folder to), making sure you specify the CentralRevitEnvSettings.xml as part of this file path.
    6. Below the path field, check the box 'Update config online (For any new members joining)'
    7. Click OK to update your version of the Content Studio app with the new config. This will also send a message to our web service to modify the global path for all other 'new' users joining the library.
    8. Once successful, re-test the app by closing content studio and openining it again and checking the configure application dialogue box is now pointing to the new path.
    9. Remove or rename the old data storage location so that it will no longer work for other users.
    10. Compose a new message to all users via the licence manager (as per step 1).  Advise the users: "In order to continue using Content Studio you will need to re-register your Content Studio app for your profile due to the data store being relocated on the network.  To do this simply hold down the shift key on your PC and double click the Content Studio Icon on your desktop or start menu.  When prompted, click 'Join Library', then input your name, email and account name <specify account name here> to re-join the library again".

    Moving the Secondary Libraries


    Secondary libraries update each time the app is opened. Therefore, if you remove a secondary library and then add it from a new location, all users will receive the update automatically.


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      Trevor Massey

      Thanks Chris. I am working through this now. Get better and give me a ring when you have a moment to finalize CS.

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      Trevor Massey

      Chris I still can't get past the central filestore folder does not exist. We have copied the CS folder into our new folder but it will not get us to the new path dialogue when we try to open.