How do I unlink a PC from a Content Studio Account or email address


    If you wish to replace a licence on your PC with a new licence you can do this by holding down SHIFT+double click the CS icon on the desktop or from the start menu.  Holding down SHIFT when launching Content Studio forces the application to revert to the 'first run' steps. Here you can choose to join an existing library or create a new one.


    Your PC is currently registered with a user profile  myname@mycompany.com.  You would like to change the user profile on this PC to use johnsmith@mycompany.com

    1. Make sure you have invited the user 'johnsmith@mycompany.com' (example) to join your library.
    2. Launch Content Studio, but hold down the SHIFT key before double clicking the icon
    3. At the prompt, click 'Join Existing Library'
    4. Input the new user details and click register.
    5. The application will now re-register the user on this PC.
    6. If the user has already actively used their licence on another PC, you will need to transfer that licence using the steps outlined here