Type list missing. Get Types?


    When selecting families in the search pallet you may notice that for some families, the types are not available.  This means that the index containing the types associated with the family are not accessible by Content Studio. This typically occurs if the Author has added content from folders into the work in progress area and not used the 'Extract family info' tool within the plugin before submitting into a shared library.  

    More info available here: http://support.contentstudioltd.com/entries/30386708-Extract-family-info

    If the types are missing, the user can simply click the 'Type list missing. Get Types?' and the plugin will open the family, extract the parameters, then close it back down.  


    Next time you click the family in the search pallet you should see the list of types available again.


    If the type list does not update and you still see the message 'Type list missing. Get Types?', this means your network may be configured incorrectly and the following should be checked with your IT team:

    • Full read write permissions should be enabled for the current user to write to the target directory via the Content Studio app. If you only have read access, Content Studio can extract the types but cannot write them into the target library location. Therfore the types cannot be updated.
    • Ensure data is not replicated in a 'push' scenario.  If the user successfully extracts the types and sees the type list, this could be reversed if a centralised data store is pushing out new content (effectively overwriting what the active user has extracted).