Getting Started with your 30 Day Trial


    This 6 part video playlist is your ultimate guide to setting up Content Studio as quickly as possible and getting the most out of your 30 day trial. The playlist consists of 35 minutes of video instruction. We would recommend watching parts 1 and 2 before installing, then watch part 3 before carrying out this task. Watch part 4 while the task from part 3 is importing, and watch parts 4 5 and 6 in the same way to make best use of your time. We estimate the set-up process covered in this video will take in total approx 2-3 hours (and does not have to be done consecutively). Links to support are included in the videos so please watch them to find out more.





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      John Neal

      Thanks for the 30 day trial of Content Studio. I want to see the videos before I start per your recommendation, however when I click the link the "playlist" button does not appear on page. Is there a setting on my internet option that I should have on?

      Thank You,

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      Adrian Wilkins

      Where's the "playlist" button?

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      Larry Carr

      You state that we need to Optimize for Citrix Zendesktop and Microsoft App-V but you don't give us a resource to do this. I googled "optimized Citrix Zendesktop" and It come up with Citrix Xendesktop. Please explain what I need to do here. By the way. Your explanation of things in general are very short and way too vague. We all don't understand computers as well as you and I'm not even the worst about this in my office. You must have had feedback about this. Please let me know if you want to resource me for more in-depth feedback.