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    Revit 2013 (One Box) Metric UK

    Revit (One box) 2013 Metric (Pt 1 of 3) - 237mb

    Revit (One box) 2013 Metric (Pt 2 of 3) - 259mb

    Revit (One box) 2013 Metric (Pt 3 of 3) - 349mb


    Revit 2013 (One Box) Imperial US

    Revit (One box) 2013 Imperial (Pt 1 of 3) - 285mb

    Revit (One box) 2013 Imperial (Pt 2 of 3) - 290mb

    Revit (One box) 2013 Imperial (Pt 3 of 3) - 272mb


    Revit 2014 (One Box) Metric UK

    Revit (One box) 2014 Metric (Pt 1 of 3) - 206mb

    Revit (One box) 2014 Metric (Pt 2 of 3) - 231mb

    Revit (One box) 2014 Metric (Pt 3 of 3) - 345mb

    How to Import


    1. Run Content Studio

    2. Go to File > Import To Library

    3. Browse to find the .dat file downloaded from this web page.

    4. Click OK and follow the prompts on screen to import. This may take a while for large libraries!

    5. When the files have finished importing into your work in progress area, you may submit them into the Main Library. 

    6. To do this; select them all, right click and choose, Submit for Approval (Note: If you have a slow network this could take a while so please be patient!)

    7. Once the files have been submitted, they can be approved by right clicking and choosing 'Approve'.

    8. WARNING: Trying to approve an entire library may cause your PC to hang for a long period of time.  We recommend approving small amounts then increasing as you get a feel for the length of time the approval is taking over your network/PC. 

    Revit 2014 (One Box) Imperial US

    Revit (One box) 2014 Imperial (Pt 1 of 3) - 207mb

    Revit (One box) 2014 Imperial (Pt 2 of 3) - 248mb

    Revit (One box) 2014 Imperial (Pt 3 of 3) - 254mb

    Watch the Help Video


    Revit 2015 (One Box) Imperial US

    Revit (One box) 2015 Imperial (Pt 1 of 3) - 207mb

    Revit (One box) 2015 Imperial (Pt 2 of 3) - 248mb

    Revit (One box) 2015 Imperial (Pt 3 of 3) - 254mb


    Revit 2015 (One Box) Metric UK

    Revit (One box) 2015 Metric (Pt 1 of 3) - 207mb

    Revit (One box) 2015 Metric (Pt 2 of 3) - 248mb

    Revit (One box) 2015 Metric (Pt 3 of 3) - 254mb



    Revit 2017 (One Box) Imperial US

    Revit (One box) 2017 Imperial (Pt 1 of 3) - 255mb

    Revit (One box) 2017 Imperial (Pt 2 of 3) - 362mb

    Revit (One box) 2017 Imperial (Pt 3 of 3) - 245mb


    • Avatar
      Mark Silcock

      2014 version please!

    • Avatar
      Chris Senior

      RVT2014 UK library now available for download

    • Avatar
      Mark Silcock

      Chis and upload date column in CS would be very helpful. I have just added Part 1 to my WIP area but I can't tell what families were included as I had content already in my WIP area. There is nothing to sort the content by to select the Part 1 content only.




    • Avatar
      Chris Senior

      The natural order of content in the WIP area is latest added content first.  This would be the way to check the last updated batch of content. If you've changed the sort order, just switch to another library view then switch back to reset the order (or close reopen).

      Add the feature request for the column under that Feature Requests section of the support site to help the idea gain traction. Thanks

    • Avatar
      Lawrence Lin

      2015 version incoming?

    • Avatar
      Chris Senior

      2015 US Imperial Content now available for download! 2015 UK Metric to follow shortly.

    • Avatar
      Dan Jurgens

      Any update on when the 2015 metric content will be available?

    • Avatar
      Chris Senior

      Hi Dan

      We hit a bit of a problem with the extraction of parameter data from some of the metric files which we are looking into.  Not sure why this is occurring but it only seems to be on the metric 2015 set.  The imperial set worked just fine. Hopefully it will be resolved soon but I thought I would make you aware of what the hold up is.


      Kind regards



    • Avatar
      Chris Senior

      UK Metric Library is now available for download.

    • Avatar
      Matthias Fostel

      Might be a good idea to put the US Imperial versions on a US-based Amazon S3 bucket, or simply use their Cloudfront service.

    • Avatar
      Jon Arnott

      Hi guys, any news on the 2016 content?

    • Avatar
      Lyle D Lemon

      I'd also like to see the 2016 content.

    • Avatar
      Christopher Arnott

      2016 Content would be really helpful if it can be made available.