Creating DWF's for Approved Listings


    3D dwfs can be generated in the Revit 2014 plugin by left or right clicking the listing in the search pallet.

    An option on the context menu exists stating "DWFx missing. Get DWFx?". Click this option to generate a DWFx.  


    At the next dialogue box, choose the default view to be the current view or select a range of views by clicking the button with three dots.

    Once happy wth the DWFx settings, click 'Save' to generate the DWFx.


    After successful creation of the DWFx, you may close the family.


    Left or right clicking on the family in the search pallet will now display 'View DWFx'. Click this option to open the DWFx in your default viewing software (such as Autodesk Design Review).


    If you are browsing families in the main content studio application, you can right click and choose Edit Selected Info... > Attachments, to browse the DWFx which has been created via the Revit 2014 search pallet. 


    Future development of this feature may include an Automated DWFx creation process to catalogue entire libraries of content. Please post discussions on this subject in the Feature Requests area of the site.