Revit Template Files Importing and Using


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    Content Studio has the ability to store Family templates (.rft) and Project templates (.rte). These can be submitted into separate libraries (if you prefer to keep them away from the general content searches), or they can be stored in the same library as your content (using the category filter to isolate the search for project templates or family templates).

    Instructions for importing templates

    1. To add family or project templates into Content Studio, open the app and click Add folders, or Add Files
    2. Select the folders or specific files you wish to add and click OK to add them to your Work In Progress Area
    3. Add Keywords and other associated data in the WIP area
    4. Right Click and choose 'Submit for Approval' into your chosen library location.

    Instructions for creating a new Family from a template (.rft)

    1. Search for the template via the Content Studio search pallet within Revit
    2. Left or right click the desired template and choose'Create New Family from Template'



    Instructions for starting a new Project from a template (.rte)

    1. New Projects can be started from the Content Studio app or from the Content Studio search pallet within Revit.
    2. From the search pallet within Revit, follow the same steps as those documented above for the family templates.
    3. From the Content Studio app, select the project template file you wish to begin with and click 'Open in Revit' from the ribbon.

    Tip: Place template files in a separate library and then add the library as 'Reference' to prevent users from contributing to this read only library.