Create Thumbnails



    The Create Thumbnail tool automates several manual steps normally required in the Family Editor.  It Automates the following items:

    1. 3D View creation
    2. Sets the Angle Top+Front+Right
    3. Names the 3D view as per your preference i.e. 'Thumbnail'
    4. Sets the visual style as per your preference i.e. 'Shaded with Edges'
    5. Saves the orientation and locks the view
    6. Sets the scale at 1:1 to give thin crisp edges to the thumbnail preview
    7. Sets the Level of Detail to 'Fine' to display as much information as possible.


    1. In the Family Editor, open or create a family.
    2. Click 'Create Thumbnail'
    3. In the dialogue box, define the Thumbnail view name i.e. 'Preview' or 'Thumbnail'
    4. Decide if the tool should automatically lock the orientation and save the view name at the same time.
    5. Set the Visual Style to your preferred option.
    6. Click 'Generate' to see the 3D view appear in the project browser.


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      Fernando Mesquita

      Thanks for this. For 2D detail families this does not work, obviously. Any chance of adding a choice of 2D or 3D thumbnail to this function?

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      Chris Senior

      Its not designed to support 2D thumbnails at this stage. There are completely different variables we need to include to get this working.  If you would like to see this in a future release, please post a feature request here: