Inviting users to join the company library



    Content Studio is a document management system which means the users who access manage and contribute to it need a profile.  Administrators of the library can invite users from the company to join the library. An invite is sent to the user who can then run the software on their PC and register with their email invite details.

    There are 3 roles available in Content Studio. Each of these roles are discussed below:


    Contributor Privileges

    • Search & use content
    • Contribute content
    • Modify content rejected and assigned to the Contributor for modification
    • Rate and leave feedback on content

    Administrator Privileges

    As above, plus...

    • Search and use content,
    • Contribute content,
    • Approve content and invite users

    Super Administrator Privileges

    • Access the licence manager
    • Invite users
    • Delete users
    • Modify user privileges 


    To invite user to join the account within Content Studio (Administrators)

    1. From the Menu bar choose Options > Invite User to Library
    2. Fill out the user’s details and choose a role type 

    To invite user to join the account from the Licence Manager (Super Administrators)

    1. From the far right of the ribbon in Content Studio choose click the icon for the licence manager.
    2. Login using your email and chosen password.
    3. In the licence manager, click Invite User... from the menu on the left.
    4. Fill out the user’s details and choose a role type.