Configuring the network location on your server


    Configuring the network location for shared Content Studio libraries

    Content Studio requires full read write execute privileges on all the library locations stored on your server.  Therefore, all users will require full read write execute permissions on the folder location specified for the data store location on your network.  Restricting user privileges to 'read only' will prevent the app from writing data to the central library files such as download counts, uploaded content, ratings etc... This will cause the app to fail and you will receive error notifications.

    Content Studio is tested and supported using Windows based servers and protocols.  Any alternative setups such as Linux servers may require additional configuration and testing before use and has not been tested nor is it supported by our internal development team.

    The principle for configuration is to allow Content Studio to manage user permissions through the app. 

    In order to prevent users from browsing to the data store (which is managed entirely by the app), we recommend setting up the UNC path with a hidden share.  The example below shows a hidden share being used to hide the folder called ContentStudio from view in windows explorer. This prevents users accidentally browsing the directory and potentially altering items which should be managed by the Content Studio Application.



    A shared folder can be made hidden by specifying the share name to the folder followed by a ‘$’. If a shared name does not contain ‘$’, it is shared normally and is visible to everyone who uses the UNC path to access the target folder.

    For more information on hidden shares, see this article here: http://blog.layer8.sh/2012/06/03/configuring-a-hidden-share-in-windows-7/

    We recommend that all shared libraries are stored behind a hidden share.

    Moving and updating an existing series of libraries 

    If you already have a library setup and shared among users and wish to modify it's location, we recommend you read this article here as well: http://support.contentstudioltd.com/entries/37694583-How-do-I-move-a-shared-library-on-my-network-