Reload Families



    The Reload Families tool allows users to push approved listings from a shared company library back into their project. The user gets the standard Revit options to reload only the geometry and not overwrite the parameter values, or overwrite all.  The reload families will also identify what families exist in the project but are missing from the content studio library. 


    1. Click reload families.
    2. Choose the library from which you would like to reload families and click OK.
    3. Content Studio will compare content by file name, category and version to check that it exists as a comparable item in both the Project and the Content Studio library.  If it does match, it will be available for selection in the reload dialogue box. If it doesn't it will appear red.
    4. Select the listings you would like to reload into your project by clicking the check boxes.
    5. Click 'Load into Project' to perform the reload.
    6. You will be prompted to overwrite the existing version (geometry only), or overwrite the existing version and parameter values (geometry and parameter information). Choose your preferred method.
    7. A results dialogue will be displayed reporting the success of the reload.


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      Fernando Mesquita

      If a user spots a glitch in a Revit family (geometry or parameters), after the corrections are made, how do I replace the item in CS without having to delete and re-submit?

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      Chris Senior

      Please watch the video here to see the workflow. The approved item must first be rejected. Then you can open and modify the family in Revit and click Save Families to update the rejected item (retaining all previously added keywords etc...). After updating, open CS and be sure to click Refresh to make sure you can see the updated family in your rejected area. Close down the family from the Revit environment to make sure it is no longer open.

      Right click the family in your rejected area and resubmit for approval. The family changes must then be reviewed/approved before it is released back into the library.


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      Tom Murphy

      Is there a way of achieving the same process by selecting the family directly in Revit (i.e. without having to first find the family in CS and 'Reject and Assign for Editing')?

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      Chris Senior

      Not in the current version. We are working on an improved workflow