How do I access the licence manager?


    The licence manager can be accessed by click the Windows Start Icon, then browsing programs to find the folder called Content Studio Limited > Content Studio.



    In order to login you must be registered in Content Studio as a super user.  As this is a high level administrative tool, you must contact us to request that your profile is upgraded to a Super Administrator. This will need verifying with the key account holder at your company. To contact us, please visit the website and raise a support ticket via the support page.

    Once your profile has been set to super user. You can login to the licence manager by typing your details into the login dialogue box. Note: You must be connected to the internet for this to work.







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      Hi, I am a new content manager admin and would like to access license manger.


      May I know how can i access it? 


      I don't know how can got my password to login.