Editing user profiles


    If a user’s details have been added incorrectly, you can click Edit User from the side menu to modify their details.



    Note: Any changes to a user’s profile may result in the user needing to re-register their licence on a PC. Please ensure you notify the user that you have changed their profile.


    You must inform the user that they should re-register their licence for the permission updates to take effect.  To do this, the use should follow these steps:

    1. Hold down the Shift button and double click the Content Studio icon on their desktop (or from the windows start menu)
    2. Input their First Name, Last Name and email address along with the account name and click register
    3. If the user has switched to a new PC, they may also be asked to input their registration key. If they do dot have this they can click the email button to request the key.
    4. After successful registration, the user should have their new permissions granted.  To check, click on the user profile icon (top right) on the ribbon.