Active Directory Connection



    Active directory is a Microsoft service which enables firms to manage a series of users and control access rights and permissions at a firm-wide level. If you DO NOT have Active Directory then this feature will not work with your system.  Instead you must use other methods outlined in the support site for inviting users to your library:

    If you are using Active Directory you are now able to connect, invite, and identify users who no-longer need to be part of your content studio user list.

    Connecting the Content Studio Licence Manager with Active Directory

    1. Launch the CS Licence Manager from the start menu or from the icon top right of the main app.
    2. Login using your username, account name and password. NOTE: You must be setup as a Super Administrator by your company in order to access the Content Studio Licence Manager.
    3. When logged in, input your Active directory domain and group in the bottom left dialogue box.
    4. Click connect, and if successful, you should now see a list of your current users as well as any Active directory users.
    5. The first column is 'AD Status'.  This denotes if your user exists only in Active Directory (AD Only), only in Content Studio and not in AD (CS Only), or if the user is synchronised in both (Synced). When active directory is not connected it will say 'Unknown'
    6. WARNING: If you have multiple active directory groups, you can only connect one at a time. This will mean that it may show users from other unconnected groups as 'CS Only' even though they are synced when connecting to their respective group.

    Importing users from Active Directory

    1. Click the 'Prepare for import button above the data grid to filter only the available AD users for import.  
    2. Hold down CTRL or SHIFT on the keyboard and select multiple rows in the data grid for import.
    3. When ready, click the Invite as Administrator or Invite as Contributor buttons to the right of the prepare for import button.
    4. You will be presented with a summary screen at which you can confirm the import/invite or click cancel.
    5. After importing, your users will receive an email confirmation and you will also see the data grid update.  You may wish to remove any filters to see the complete list of users.

    Removing/Deleting users from your Content Studio Licence Manager

    1. After connecting with your Active Directory Domain and Group, review the list of 'CS only' users in the 'AD Status' column.
    2. Note that users outside the currently connected AD Group will also show as 'CS Only'.  Be sure to only delete users from the currently connected AD Group.
    3. To remove/delete users, simply left click a single row, or CTRL/SHIFT to select multiple rows, then right click and choose 'Delete user'
    4. Your users and all their licence information will be removed.
    5. Deleted users will no longer be able to access Content Studio on their PC

    Synced Users

    Syncronised users means that the content studio licence manager can see the user in the currently connected Active Directory Group and also in your Content Studio Licence Account.



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      Stephen Lloyd

      I am unable to join multiple users to an existing Library from Active Directory, without the user having to fill out the Register/Create New Library information. is there a way for users to automatically be enrolled into the Library, so when they do open content studio the software recognises them.