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    When using the Add folders or Add files within Content Studio, you will need to run the Extract Family Info tool afterwards to ensure the type parameters and category are extracted and stored in Content Studio.

    Important Notes

    This tool will apply to 'all' files in your Work In Progress area. We recommend that you only leave files needing data extracting in the Work in Progress area to avoid waiting for this tool to extract data which already exist.


    1. Open or create a Revit Project or Family.
    2. Navigate to the addins tab on the ribbon and choose 'Extract Family Info' from the Content Studio panel.
    3. A message box will appear asking you if you are sure you want to extract info for all files in your WIP area. Click OK to proceed.
    4. The extract process begins. Note: this could take a long time if you have a large volume of content, or if the files are from an older version of Revit and need upgrading.
    5. When the process is complete, click ok to close the extract info dialogue box.

    Note: If Content Studio is already running, you will need to hit refresh on the ribbon after the export to see the recently exported content.



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      Melissa Thompson

      I have an error coming up - "The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime. There is an unknown word starting at index 19" - what do I do?