Add files from folders


    Task by:


    Data types harvested

    • Revit Families .rfa
    • Revit Family Type Catalogues .txt
    • Revit Family Templates .rft
    • Revit Projects .rvt
    • Revit project templates .rte
    • AutoCAD .dwg

    Data types excluded

    • Revit Project backup files e.g. Myproject.0001.rfa
    • Revit Family backup files e.g. Myfamily.0001.rfa
    • Drawing Exchange File .dxf is not supported


    Content Studio simplifies the process of seeking out Revit content buried on folders by harvesting all Revit related data and ignoring other data formats.


    1. To add content from a folder and it's sub folders (such as your existing company library), click Add Folders from the ribbon.
    2. Choose the root folder you wish to add (remember it will add content from any sub folders as well).
    3. Click OK, then decide if you would like to use the immediate folder where the family lived as a keyword. You can go three folders deep to create multiple keywords associated with the family based on its location. For example: A door in a folder path of [...\Doors\External\Double] will receive the following keywords in content studio: [Doors,External,Double]
    4. Click OK to reference the files into your work in progress area.
      Note: this is not copying the files just referencing them in their current location.
    5. When you submit the files into a shared library, this is when the files are copied into the content studio library.

    Important Notes:

    In order for Content Studio to capture the type information it needs to generate a small xml file with the same name as the family. Just like a type catalogue, this will not harm the family or bloat server size. Users may elect to delete the xml files from the source folder after submiting listings in Content Studio to a shared library. It's possible to do this by looking at the date the xml files which were generated and are searching in windows explorer for .xml and setting the date modified to match. Select all and click delete.

    Alternatively users can pre-download content to their local PC before adding into Content Studio.  This also helps to speed up your editing work as you are not dependant on network speeds/traffic.