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    Content stored in your work in progress area is not visible by others and needs publishing into a shared library. You can submit content into two library types: Moderated and Project. The status of the items will vary depending on which library you publish information to:

    • Submitting to a moderated library will be listed as 'Awaiting Approval' and will require approval by a company administrator before other users can use it.
    • Submitting to a Project library will be automatically listed as 'Approved' and will be available for use immediately.

    Important Notes

    Any content with the same file name, category and version will be classed as a duplicate and will NOT be uploaded. It will remain in the WIP area. You can either rename it or remove the older version from the shared library before submitting the new one again.


    1. Select one or more items in your Work In Progress library (or choose 'select all' from the right click menu).
    2. Right click again and this time choose 'Submit for approval'
    3. From the Choose library dialogue box, select the shared library you wish to submit the content into and click OK.
    4. A message box will appear confirming the task. Click OK to begin the submission.
    5. The data will begin uploading to your chosen library.
    6. When the process is complete. The message box will display success.
    7. Click 'View Activity' to see if any files failed to upload.
    8. Click close to finish the task.
    9. Check the WIP area to see which files (if any) failed to upload.