Saving a Family from the Family Editor


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    When you create families live in the Revit Family editor, it is possible to save them directly to the Content Studio Work In Progress area on your local PC. During this process, Content Studio extracts the type information along with the category and other required meta data.

    Important Notes

    Saving families from the family editor will not be visible in the Work In Progress area until you open Content Studio (or, if it's already open, click refresh from the ribbon).


    1. Create a family in the Revit Family Editor
    2. Navigate to the addins tab on the ribbon and choose 'Save families' from the. Content Studio panel.
    3. Change the file name if required
    4. Add any other meta data (this can also be added on mass in the main app afterwards if preferred).
    5. Click save to library and the file is now stored in the WIP 
    6. To continue working on the file and updating the saved versions, repeat the process of clicking Save families.
    7. To create a variant and perform a save as..., simply hit the 'Save families' again and change the file name.
    8. A new family will now be stored in Content Studio